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Ensign Ahkinum

Herb Bordeaux is a culinary and hospitality profes...
Ensign Ahkinum Information
Date Joined 2017-07-09 12:11:46
Last Login : 2017-07-15 13:00:45
Born on: May, 22 ,1971 (46 Years old)
Country United States
City Emerald City, Evergreen State
Gender Male
Bio Herb Bordeaux is a culinary and hospitality professional living in Seattle; a Native American of the Blackfeet Tribe from Montana; and a Humanist supporter in Washington State.
Favourite Quotes A wise man once told me, "No matter how HOT he is, somebody someplace is sick of him."
Species Bajoran
STO Faction None
Favourite Film Star Trek Generations (1994)
Favourite TV Series Star Trek: Voyager
Speciality None
Home Planet None
Ship Registry USS Titan-Uranus
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