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Monday, November 23, 2015 Public
Was bored. Drinking Tequilla. A lil artistic licence added to a picture a friend took of me during last weekend costumed charity ball. :3
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Jan Darkrider Information
Date Joined 2015-11-19 17:23:29
Last Login : 2017-05-07 08:56:42
Born on: October, 9
City Unimatrix Zero / USS Aleksey Krupnyk
Gender Female
Bio Avid roleplayer, Trekkie, geek, STO player & Volunteery Community Moderator. Laughs for no reason. In-Character (roleplaying) I am - Captain Jan Darkrider, former Borg known as 1 of 2. Quirky, sassy, blunt & stubborn Starfleet Captain. Powered by Coffee. Human by Birth, Klingon by Choice.
Favourite Quotes "Irrelevant." "How hollow is the sound of victory, without somebody to share it with?" - General Martok
Species Borg
STO Character Jan Darkrider@jodarkrider
STO Faction Federation
Favourite Film Star Trek: First Contact (1996)
Favourite TV Series Star Trek: Voyager
Speciality Command
Home Planet Earth
Role Playing Group http://uss-aleksey-krupnyk.wikia.com/
Ship Registry NCC-93266-D
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