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Thinking about getting back on WoW
Can't wait for the new a.c.. It's so freaking hot!
On star trek timelines go ahead and join the order of valhalla.
Well my furnace died and I had to pay almost 7 grand to replace it
bored at work playing star trek alien domain.
well my AC went out and its supposed to feel like 105 today. -.-
Hey everybody!
Tried to watch first contact with the kids today. Too bad they have no attention span
I know today was a short video, longer ones will be to come. Just started my starfleet character last night

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Sunday, July 16, 2017 Public
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Born on: May, 12 ,1986 (32 Years old)
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Favourite Quotes "i believe i speak for everyone here when i say ' To hell with our orders'"
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