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Children's Wooden Star Ship Enterprise And TNG Crew | Geekologie

This is a custom wooden Starship Enterprise toy and Next Generation crew made by I have no clue who in the style of Fisher Price Little People. Man, I used to love playing with Little People when I was...

I've watched #TommyKraft 's #FanFilm #StarTrekHorizon. The wait was worth it. I give 5 out of 5 points.

Richard Evans @richardevans
Sticking it on my TV now so I can watch it :P I'll let you know what I think
Saturday, February 27, 2016
Novacharter @Novacharter
I thought some acting was flat, but the story was good. Didn't like some Romulan aspects...
Monday, February 29, 2016
There is dawn on the horizon. #StarTrekHorizon

#space #moon

The Moon awakens | Tales of Meteron

Tweet A lunar adventure is rising over Europe’s exploration horizon. ESA is teaming up with international partners to return humans to Earth’s natural satellite by the end of the next decade. Moving away from one-shot orbital missions, bold ambitions foresee humans exploring the polar regions hand-in-hand with robots, in international cooperation and commercial participation. This return to the Moon envisions a series of human missions starting in the early 2020s that would see astronauts  interact with robots on the lunar surface from orbit. Robots will land first, paving the way for human explorers. Lunar rovers, telerobotics and hybrid surface power are some of the innovative approaches that are being developed to support these early missions. The vision is truly international. Space agencies, the private sector and industry are working towards a common of open lunar exploration. Europe gets its first access to the lunar surface in 2020, supplying a precision-landing and hazard-avoidance system called PILOT to land the Russian Luna 27 safely near the Moon’s south pole. A drill to retrieve samples and a communication system are also in the making. Why now? Relying on the success of the International Space Station partnership, the space community sees the Moon as a springboard to continue human exploration of the Solar System, with Mars as the next goal. One driver of this renewed interest in the Moon is the hunt for lunar resources. Scientists and engineers are looking in particular for frozen volatiles – including water ice – known to be concealed within permanent shadows at the lunar poles. Their distribution in different regions is not yet clear. Understanding where they are are important for a sustainable long-term strategy. A new Moon A ‘new Moon’ awaits – the extreme and unknown landscapes of the south pole, the highlands and the far side […]

I wish you a happy new year.

Listen to Hyperchannel 94: The 366 Project by Trek.fm #np on #SoundCloud www.startrekrisa.com/+1838500c
11 minutes 'til awaking the Force.

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