Risa - The Star Trek Social Media Site - Disclaimer
Risa - The Star Trek Social Media Site - Disclaimer
Risa's goal is to provide a place for Star Trek fans to share their thoughts and feelings about Trek. Risa is no way affiliated with CBS or Paramount and has no connections with the two companies. In addition, we are no way affiliated with the Star Trek franchise. The STAR TREK trademarks and logos are owned by CBS Studios Inc.

The Risa logo is a logo that has been designed by Richard Evans with influences and advice from John Fisher of JF Media Studios. Any reproduction, copying or distribution without permission from Risa itself will be deemed as Copyright Infringement. If you wish to use the Risa logo, then please review the Resources Page.

The site's main code is based on the package of crea8social. The main code has been heavily edited, and modified for the needs of the Risa group, however the code and structure very much remains the property of crea8social, although we own the Lisence to run the code.

The domain "www.startrekrisa.com" is property of the Risa Group. This property is used as the main hosting base for the website and associated services. Shadow Computers is the company that deals with the IT support and management of the servers for Risa. HostGator provides the servers for the website.

Risa Group is not responsible for any content placed on it's network, and we have no control over what our users post. If you have a problem with a post, user, image or similar, then please report said article using the "Report" function on the site. Risa Group will not interfere with any user dispute and we will act in the interests of the site.

The Risa Group will never charge our users for premium services on this network or any future networks we release. The Risa Group will always remain 100% free and we will generate revenue through user submitted advertisements.

If you have any questions or queries, then please send an email to: info@risagroups.com