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USS Joshua Norton

Starfleet Intelligence Clan Ops Sim
After a few RL delays, we've started our new plot!

The daughter of the Romulan Proconsul has gone missing, along with the shuttle she was travelling on, along the Orion border. The Orion government has been less than helpful in response to the Romulan Government's requests for help, so the Romulans reached out to the Federation. One of Starfleet Intelligence's agents within Orion space found something, but the shipping service he used to get it back to his handler has lost it. The USS Joshua Norton is tasked with the recover of this evidence.
Plot update time again!

After an exciting infiltration into the Carrington's Weapon manufacturing facility, the plans were acquired for the device that Terra Prime intended to unleash on San Francisco while the Romulan Empress and Praetor were there for a diplomatic function. With that information, Ensigns Jarkill and Broll were able to narrow down the location of the device, and Commander Waterhouse escorted Dr. Alleira Tomar and Ensign Takeuchi to the location in order to disarm the device.

Upon success, Commander Waterhouse was promptly dressed down for her failure to communicate up the chain of command what had been happening, but she was also promoted in recognition of her initiative and leadership in guiding her crew to stop the Terra Prime attack.

Currently the crew is gathering at Utopia Planitia in anticipation of launching the newly repaired ship again.
We celebrated two years as a sim yesterday!

Thank you to all of our crew for making it such a great journey, and here's hoping for many more years of great simming are still in our future.
Apologies for having to maintain radio silence for a while. Let's get an update on the plot, shall we?

Since our last update, we ran a training scenario for a Borg encounter which went entirely off the rails. The program was designed to run immersively within the ship, making use of the holoprojectors located in all areas. At first, Commander Waterhouse was critically injured when a couple of borg drones overloaded the EPS grid, then they started to assimilate the crew. As it seemed impossible to determine if it was still the training scenario, or if the doubts and contradicting information meant they were really facing the borg, the decision was made to initiate the self destruct. In the end, the self destruct was interrupted by Commodore Akoro informing the crew they'd done an admirable job under the circumstances.

The scenario had malfunctioned, resulting in real injury to multiple crew members as well as significant damage to the EPS grid. The crew is given two weeks... Read more
As the plot draws to a close, the crew is left with more questions than answers. A mysterious group responsible for the murder of S'Blen, and have now taken the xo, Lt Cmdr Rik Caine, in an effort to silence the crew. Without knowing who within Starfleet they can trust, and lacking enough information to act, they have elected to act as if giving into the demand to drop the matter, while continuing to collect information so that they might strike at a later time.

Meanwhile Commander Amelia Waterhouse has provided a cover to their handler that Caine has cashed in leave to pursue a lead about his missing sister, and a temporary XO is being assigned.

Where will the crew go next? You should join us, and find out!
We're looking for crew, do you have what it takes to be a clandestine operations Intelligence officer? Come check out what openings we have! www.startrekrisa.com/+6f670b37
We won Game of the Month on rpgfix for April, and were one of the featured games on RPG initiative this month. So, exciting things.
Our new plot has started! Check it out:

A retired member of Starfleet Intelligence is writing a tell all memoir but he dies before it's published. The Emperor's crew believes there's more to the case than meets the eye. The biggest secret in the memoir involves the Romulans and the circumstances under which they were brought into the Dominion war. Can the delicate and hard fought treaty between the Romulans and the Federation survive this information getting out?
Thanks to @BJReign for the lovely propaganda piece.
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