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[PODCAST] Tribbles in Ecstasy Take 261: 'Journey to Urbiessa' has warped on to Holosuite Media, you can download and stream it from: startrekrisa.com/+f2a54bd8

In this week's episode we once again welcome back to the show Manu Intiraymi from Star Trek Voyager (52:01) who talks about his project The Circuit: Urbiessa that involves Star Trek stars such as Walter Koenig, Terry Farrell, Robert Beltran, Armin Shimerman, Robert Picardo, Ethan Phillips, JG Hertzler, Robert O'Reilly, Hana Hatae, Tim Russ, Doug Jones plus other science fiction actors like Gigi Edgley, Sylvester McCoy, Corin Nemec and many more.

We also discuss this week's news and information from Star Trek Online (2:03:32), Star Trek Online Consoles (3:31:05) and Star Trek Timelines (02:18).

Please reply to this post with any feedback on any of the topics we've talked about and we'll discuss your thoughts in our next episode.

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