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THE RISA PASS! So, here it is!! The Risa Pass (formerly Gold Tickets) – £125 This Ticket Includes: The Admiral’s Cocktail Party with our Guest Stars (Friday night only) – Canapés – A free cocktail – A finger buffet with dessert – Selfies with a Star of your choice – Pre-signed photo – An Exclusive …


Tony Burr @tonyburr

Thursday, September 24, 2015 Edited Public
Hi All,

The last prize we will be raffling off for the MIck Holt fund for awhile is this signed picture of Alexander Siddig.
Sid Signed this picture and donated it with a picture of authenticity with me at LFCC 2015 for this very purpose and has asked me to keep him informed how much it raises, so let's make it an impressive amount!!

Raffle tickets cost £2 per ticket with the draw being made one week today(30/9/15)
Payments are made via PayPal using payments@fcdevents.com

Thank you See translation
Tony Burr @tonyburr

Thursday, September 24, 2015 1
STARFLEET: the International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc.

An Introduction to STARFLEET | STARFLEET

STARFLEET the International Star Trek Fan Association

Step Aboard the Enterprise-D in This Star Trek Virtual Reality Demo.

EnterpriseD 3D Project | Constructing the Enterprise D... One Deck at a time!

Constructing the Enterprise D... One Deck at a time!


Tony Burr @tonyburr change profile photo

Sunday, September 20, 2015 Public
How would you like to win this totally awesome Star Trek Original Series USS Enterprise model built by our very own Georgie Starbuck!

Starbuck was inspired to build models by Mick Holt who sadly passed away and it is in his honour that we are raising funds for our Mick Holt Fund Charity.

How to win:

We are going to hold a silent flash auction with the highest unique bid that wins.

How to bid:
To bid, you simple send your bids to wil@fcdevents.com once your bid has been accepted, if your bid is the current highest bid you will be notified by me via email.

The winner will be announced at 6pm Wednesday.
If the winner fails to pay the balance the next highest unique bid will win the model!

The bidding starts at a reserve set by me(Wil Ross) at £25 only bids greater than £25 will be accepted.

May the force be with you and good luck!!

Bidding is OPEN!! See translation
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